rov·ing /ˈrōviNG/


1. travel constantly without a fixed destination; wander.

synonyms:wander, roam, ramble, drift, meander, go hither and thither, maunder;

2. wander over or through (a place) without a destination.

"children roving the streets"

3. travel for one's work, having no fixed base.

"he trained as a roving reporter"

Book Club

We set up a mini-bookstore of feature titles and host a discussion of favorites, industry buzz, and offer if-you-loved-you’ll-love. At the end of the discussion, which is fun and interactive, you can shop and place orders.

Pop Up

Imagine a grown up Scholastic Book Fair! This is a cocktail party format—with very little formal discussion. We bring the bookstore to your home or workspace—and set up books and book-related goodies. Shop till you drop!

Blind Date Dinner Party

Everyone receives a Blind Date Book (wrapped and labeled by us) and we guide you through a series of fun talking points, which spark conversation among guests.

We launched this offering last year at Almond’s Artists & Writers dinner and people went crazy for it.

Pop-Up Installation

We set up a temporary space pretty much anywhere with any theme or genre of book and staff it for up to a week.


Click here to See some of our pop-ups